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Transforming Communities Through Volunteerism

The VolunteerNow® mission is to transform communities through volunteerism. Volunteers change everything - where they live, work, and play - and transform their own lives in the process of serving others. Whether it's connecting nonprofits to the free workforce that they need, supporting teachers and students in the classroom, or providing volunteer infrastructure for municipalities, VolunteerNow programs and services build capacity for our communities to address critical needs.

As a national thought leader in volunteerism, and one of the largest volunteer centers in the country, VolunteerNow serves as the hub of volunteerism in North Texas. We are a national provider of volunteer recruitment and management software, leveraging our four decades of expertise in volunteer engagement.

Supporting All Causes

While many nonprofit organizations support one or two critical causes, we recruit volunteers for all nonprofits and all causes that strive to make the world a better place. VolunteerNow connects nonprofits - large and small - with the volunteer workforce needed to fulfill their missions in education, health, hunger, homelessness, social services, animal welfare, and the arts - among so many others.

    Dallas ISD: Transforming classrooms
    The Dallas Independent School District was the first in the nation to implement VOLY.org to manage, track and recruit volunteers for its 228 schools. Community engagement through the district’s 27,000-plus volunteers plays a vital role in enhancing educational opportunities. “VOLY.org will help us create easier, faster, more frequent and more meaningful engagement for our volunteers,” said Malia Nix, Dallas ISD Volunteer and Partnership Services. “Our main goal is to make a meaningful impact on student achievement through Dallas ISD volunteers.”

    DISD Transforming Classrooms

    SPCA: Saving animals one volunteer at a time
    As a VolunteerNow member, the SPCA of Texas mobilizes 1,400 volunteers annually. From socializing fearful animals to ensuring clean living spaces, a reliable volunteer workforce guarantees the SPCA of Texas can continue serving vital community needs. “Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit,” SPCA Volunteer Recruiter Leyka Ishibashi said. “Thanks to VolunteerNow and its services, we are able to reach out to a much broader scope of the population, which helps us offer a higher standard of care to our animals.”

    SPCA Volunteers

    Erie County, Ohio: Volunteers changing everything
    The Volunteer Center of Erie County uses VOLY.org to connect 51 agencies to hundreds of volunteers. “Our goal was to establish a one-stop-shop for volunteering, managed locally, where community members and nonprofit agencies could find each other,” said Chris Zess, Director of Grant Writing Assistance. “We knew we found the perfect interface for our community.”

    Volunteers change everything

    Readers 2 Leaders: Life-changing service
    “Through VolunteerNow, we are able to connect high-quality volunteers with children who greatly benefit from working with mentors in a one-on-one learning environment,” Executive Director Norma Nelson said. “Thanks, VolunteerNow, for all you do to support nonprofit agencies in our community!” Readers 2 Leaders focuses on developing the language and reading skills of West Dallas children.

    Life-changing volunteers

    VOLY.org®, Powered by VolunteerNow

    VolunteerNow is a national provider of volunteer recruitment and management software through our proprietary technology, VOLY.org. The easy-to-use system pairs VolunteerNow's volunteer engagement expertise with state-of-the-art technology that engages, tracks, and manages volunteers in service to their communities. VOLY.org has expanded as a software-as-a-service across the United States for the growth of volunteerism and mobilization of volunteer efforts in school districts, banks, companies, court systems, and governments and municipalities, as well as the continued support of nonprofits and volunteer centers.

    Our Annual Impact

    • Last year, VolunteerNow mobilized 256,000 volunteers who gave 1.6 million hours valued at $40 million.
    • We serve 3,500 nonprofits and refer more than 700 volunteers per day.
    • For every dollar of support we receive, we mobilize $10.55 of volunteer labor for our community.

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