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Serving community while fighting poverty

It takes 40 volunteers a day to help CitySquare provide food, housing, and healthcare to people in need. The organization fights poverty through service and advocacy and gives unemployed and underemployed individuals in South Dallas resources for finding sustainable employment through its 17 poverty-fighting programs.

WorkPaths, CitySquare's hospitality program, gives participants the opportunity to work within their community and assist those in need. Interns and graduates of the program manage CitySquare Cafe? and serve breakfast and lunch on campus daily. Not only do they gain hospitality experience, they help fight poverty by serving community members through volunteerism.

While CitySquare has several fundraising events annually where volunteers play a critical role, it’s the volunteers who work the poverty-fighting programs every day that are essential in changing lives.

" exposes CitySquare to a broader audience of organizations and individuals seeking to volunteer, and also folks seeking employment to better our community for all of our neighbors,” said John Siburt, CitySquare President and COO. “The site gives people the opportunity to learn our specific needs and to learn more about us in the process.”

Volunteer opportunities exist to assist with CitySquare WorkPaths alumni events, to mentor neighbors, and provide support with online applications, as well as aid with clerical duties. With the help of, CitySquare has around 1,500 volunteers in its database and continues to grow. Without volunteers, CitySquare wouldn’t be able to provide services to communities in need.

“Volunteers not only help us in our mission, but they are the best ambassadors to spread the word about our work in the community and to encourage others to join the fight against poverty,” Siburt said.


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