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Raising Independence

After 18 months of training, Canine Companions for Independence dogs have learned more than 40 commands and become experts at opening doors, turning lights on and off, and even tugging laundry baskets for their owners.

Children, adults and veterans with disabilities receive assistance from trained canines free of charge from Canine Companions. The dogs give individuals the confidence and ability to do things on their own while becoming lifelong friends, and were raised by volunteers!

Every year, the nonprofit recruits “puppy raisers” - volunteers who teach dogs basic obedience and socialization skills.

“Recruiting quality volunteers is vital to the Canine Companions mission,” Mikell Bollinger, Canine for Companions Independence Development Director. “ makes it possible to seek out volunteers who are specifically looking for volunteer opportunities.”

From outreach activities, to dog bathing and annual events, volunteers are crucial in furthering the success of Canine Companions. gives Canine Companions for Independence the platform to find these perfect matches - those who are passionate about animal welfare and helping the disabled.

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