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Streamline how you find volunteers

Finding volunteers can be hard enough, but recruiting people with a useful skillset, available when you need them, and help complete vital tasks? This can seem near impossible. As experts in volunteer management, we're here to help you streamline your recruitment process so you can get to the important work you do for our community!

Here are the top 4 essentials:

    • Ask someone. Most people volunteer because someone asked them. You can even ask current volunteers and staff to help recruit—they know best who will work well at your agency.
    • Be specific about your needs. Example: “I need five people to assemble mailing packets for 2 hours on Tuesday afternoon” vs. “We need lots of people to do lots of stuff all the time”. Which would you be more interested in?
    • Stand out when posting your opportunities on Include compelling titles and visuals to draw attention to your opportunity.
    • Communicate how the volunteer’s help will play a big role in fulfilling your mission.

Want more? Our in-depth training is Wednesday, July 10. Click here to learn more and register for Strategic Volunteer Recruitment.