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DG dresses Fort Worth grads for corporate America

At Will Rogers Memorial Center Exhibit Hall, volunteers helped recent Fort Worth ISD graduates select brand-new shirts and blouses, tie ties, and fit suits and dresses shipped from VolunteerNow’s Donated Goods Discount Depots. For many of the students, this was the first-time they had seen themselves dressed in business attire.

Our DG stores’ professional wear, sold at a fraction of retail cost, boosted the confidence of 200 students who were attending the fair to network with more than 120 prospective employers. With 14,000 job opportunities on the table, these students aimed to impress at the 26th annual Fort Worth ISD Hiring Fair on June 6, 2019.

VolunteerNow has partnered with Fort Worth ISD on this community event since 2012 by offering an even steeper discount from our Donated Goods stores and sending volunteers to assist students dressing for success.

“It’s so amazing to see the transformation. When you see how quality clothing can help change someone’s perception of themselves, it moves you,” said Judy Shannon, VolunteerNow’s Director of Community Engagement.

Shannon took part in the initial collaboration between VolunteerNow and Fort Worth ISD during her time as a member of the district’s advisory board seven years ago. The district realized many students had difficulty being noticed by employers because they simply couldn’t afford the cost of formal clothing.

“We wanted to give them a leveled playing field,” Shannon said. “If they were dressed more professionally, it would increase their opportunity to find a good-paying job.”

Students took home at least one outfit free of charge at the event, as well as VolunteerNow Donated Goods coupons to help them save on expanding their work wardrobe.

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