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Starbucks Week of Cheer

"On Saturday, December 1st, we hosted our Week of Cheer Speed Volunteering Event at the new Starbucks Community Store in the Red Bird area. We partnered with 5 agencies from the Vickery Meadow, Red Bird, and Starbucks communities to share some of the amazing work going on in the Dallas area. Each organization hosted a table space, sharing their mission and inviting customers to get involved by participating in various mini-volunteer projects to help the agencies prepare for the holiday season. There was a total of 15 agency representatives and volunteers there, who interacted with Starbucks customers and employees from 11am-1pm. This project was a part of our time serving as Points of Light sponsored Starbucks Service Fellows with VolunteerNow."
-Maddy Loeb and Candice Cogburn, Stabucks Fellows