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Giving back for success

Raising a child alone can wreak havoc on finances. Having been raised by a single mother, Alex Andrade can identify with the struggle.

His experiences and upbringing drive him to give back to women facing financial challenges. For the past seven years, he’s volunteered with WiNGS—a Dallas based nonprofit with a mission to help women overcome poverty and gain financial security.

“A lot of these women are single moms struggling to succeed,” Andrade said. “I know how little of this is taught in high school - it’s all new to people.”

Utilizing his nearly two decades of experience in the finance industry, Andrade spends several hours teaching three classes a month at WiNGS — one focused on saving and investing, another on properly filing taxes, and the final on starting a business.

“I can feel how impactful it is because they’ve never heard this stuff before,” Andrade said. “You can see their lives improving very tangibly because of the classes.”

Andrade said he found his perfect volunteer opportunity through VolunteerNow’s platform.

“If you talk to people out there, there are so many people that want to help but they don’t know how,” Andrade said. “ helped me find what was good for me.”