Court Systems

Community Service Restitution (CSR) is a critical component of an effective criminal justice system. Clients performing court-ordered service as part of the conditions of their probation make a positive impact on their community and learn valuable life and job skills. VolunteerNowTM both directly manages Community Service Restitution programs in North Texas and provides cutting-edge software for judicial districts across the country.

VolunteerNow’s Community Service Restitution serves all North Texas counties and also includes municipal courts by placing both adults and youth 14 years and above. Local school districts also participate by ordering students who violate State truancy laws with chronic truancy behavior to perform volunteer hours, which often helps these students refocus and succeed academically.

Community Service Restitution Management and Tracking Software

VolunteerNow offers judicial districts two streamlined and time-saving approaches to CSR programs: a full-service option including nonprofit agency identification, client intake and monitoring, and completion letters; and a software package for districts interested in managing their own program by leveraging VolunteerNow’s proprietary web-based technology, VOLY.orgTM. VolunteerNow also licenses our software to other volunteer centers wishing to offer this service in their communities.

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