Governments & Municipalities

In this time of limited resources, local governments and municipalities must mobilize volunteers to maintain high levels of community service while saving their taxpayers significant dollars. While volunteering, citizens learn about the work of local officials and each volunteer benefits by developing and furthering professional skills. Volunteers allow municipalities to continue functioning at high levels in the face of deep budget cuts and ensure critical services are not interrupted. VolunteerNow can help by providing a software system that allows government departments and volunteers to find each other.

Volunteer Engagement and Management Software

As you assist the many departments striving to affect positive change in your municipality, VolunteerNow can help you by providing a software system that allows volunteers to find and fill critical needs.

An easy-to-use, web-based service, VOLY.orgTM offers you a customized page for your volunteer needs, where daily visitors can view and respond to opportunities.

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Education & Training

Employees at VolunteerNow are experts in volunteerism, and we want to share that knowledge with you through up-to-date professional development.

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Our Full Range of Services

In addition to volunteer engagement and management through and our Education & Training, we can help your department background check volunteers through our VeriFYITM service.

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