Nonprofit organizations are gauged on their ability to achieve their missions, and this is where VolunteerNowTM can help. VolunteerNow has connected hundreds of thousands of volunteers to nonprofit agencies, enabling them to further their missions, and offers a variety of other benefits to our members as well. We can help your agency engage and manage volunteers, background check volunteers, build capacity, develop staff, and stretch limited resources by purchasing supplies at a deep discount.

Membership is available to most 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. To qualify, you must provide a verifiable community outreach program that serves the general public (beyond members) and enhances the social welfare and general wellbeing of the community. To apply for membership, please click here.

For profit organizations, such as hospitals and hospices, may seek a limited membership with VolunteerNow if they are required to use volunteers to help provide their services.

Not Sure Where To Start?

VolunteerNow offers a wide range of programs and services to our nonprofits members. If you want to learn more about how your nonprofit can take advantage of everything included in your membership, we invite you to attend our monthly Agency Briefings. This is your opportunity to discover everything we have to offer with an overview of all our programs and services, along with an opportunity to meet and network with other local nonprofit professionals.

Volunteer Engagement and Management Software

As you pursue your critical mission to affect change in your community, you need a simple and effective way to engage and manage the volunteers you rely upon as your essential unpaid workforce.

An easy-to-use, web-based service, VOLY.orgTM offers you a customized profile page where daily visitors can view and respond to your volunteer opportunities.

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Education & Training

Employees at VolunteerNow are experts in volunteerism, and we want to share that knowledge with you through up-to-date professional development.

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In addition to volunteer engagement and management through and our Education & Training, we can help your agency background check volunteers through our VeriFYITM service and stretch limited resources by purchasing supplies at a deep discount.

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