School Districts

School districts educate and nurture our most important future resource – our children. And volunteers can be a critical part of that process. VolunteerNow can help your school district or school engage and manage volunteers, background check volunteers, build capacity, develop staff and stretch your resources.

Volunteer Engagement and Management Software

As your school district strives to provide and excellent education for every child, you need a simple and effective way to engage and manage the volunteers you rely on to support your teachers and students.

An easy-to-use, web-based service, VOLY.orgTM connects school and district volunteers with opportunities to put their passion for education to work.

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Education & Training

Employees at VolunteerNow are experts in volunteerism, and we want to share that knowledge with you through up-to-date professional development.

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Our Full Range of Services

In addition to volunteer engagement and management through and our Education & Training, we can help your school district background check volunteers through our VeriFYITM service and stretch limited resources by purchasing supplies at a deep discount.

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