Donated Goods Discount Depot

The Donated Goods Discount Depots provide nonprofits with access to items donated by area retailers for sale at a fraction of retail cost. We accept new, surplus, and gently used items from corporate donors such as JCPenney, Sam's Club, and many more.

We are proud to serve and support these groups, and invite them to shop: 

  • Local nonprofits
  • Anyone with a DFW school district-issued ID or badge
  • Firefighters
  • Police officers and administrators
  • EMTs
  • Military - active, reserves, retired, or veterans. Must bring military ID, badge, or copy of DD214 (or if it's on your driver's license)
  • DFW Community Colleges faculty and staff

Please click here to read our store guidelines for all policies.

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Donated Goods Discount Depot

As a member, nonprofit organizations have access to a wide variety of items, from clothes for children's services, personal care products for women's shelters, construction supplies for all kinds of projects, and even office supplies for everyday nonprofit needs. Every item is offered at a dramatic discount. Through Donated Goods, our member nonprofits significantly reduce the amount of money spent on critical items, and that means more money saved for their nonprofit cause. With two shopping locations, one in Dallas and one in Fort Worth, nonprofit agencies and corporations from across North Texas can utilize the Donated Goods Program.

For Nonprofits

You must be a member (or any of the positions listed above) to shop with us.

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Budgets for nonprofits like ours are very limited but our needs are great. We recently purchased 18 chairs to use in our rehab agency, and there is no way we could have afforded to pay retail for these great chairs.

Autism Treatment Center

For Corporations

Our Donated Goods Discount Depot program allows corporations to direct items from landfills, save money by allowing VolunteerNow to remove surplus inventory, and helps nonprofits stretch their dollars to cover vital needs.

Corporate donations are tax-deductible and useful for corporate environmental sustainability and community stewardship programs. We make it easy with no cost to you, and we can arrange a pickup within 24 hours. To donate, please call or email Chuck Buttram at or 214-818-9831.

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